Trader’s earning (2 WAYS TO EARN!)

First way to earn (aka your Expertise Earning or “EE”)

Consistency Enabled Account (CEA) – On an account that you sign up for – you will be paid 12% on a bi-weekly basis. Your earnings will depend on being successful and not committing any violations in the trading period. Consistency rule (see rule #2) apply to CEA accounts.

No Consistency Account (NCA)– On an account that you sign up for – you will be paid 12% on monthly basis. Consistency rule will NOT apply to NCA accounts.

Second way to earn (aka your “Funded earnings or FE)

For every dollar you earn on your simulated account, we will match and put it in your trading account for up to 3.5% of your account size (i.e. Maximum of $350 allocated to Funded Account on a $10,000 account). You will be able to access this trading account when you reach 10% of the account you signed up for. The live account will be worth 10% (all funds transferred) of the original trading account size. If you have signed up for different tiers (we will use 10% of the combined tier). Minimum time that you can start trading your FE account is 3 months. Furthermore if you violate any drawdown rules, your funded account will reset. This ensures that our traders are consistent over a period of time (minimum of 3 months) before being made responsible for company funds.

Our live accounts are on our own server from an institutional technology provider with multiple liquidity sources connected to it.