Targets and Scale Up Program

My Forex Funds’ new and innovative scale up program ensures that a trader can trade up to 970K to 2MM without having to worry about restrictions on lot sizes or news trading and having an amazing scale up plan with industry leading drawdown parameters.

Each phase will start with a base amount a trader will register for. From that point on, with each milestone of hitting 10% profit, and 20% for emphatic, a trader’s account will be scaled up by 2x or 1.5x, depending on the phase. Complete scale up program below.

2x to 1.5 will happen in alternate fashion till the traders account reaches the maximum allocated trade account size.

NB: We are beholden to the liquidity providers. For larger accounts over 500,000 there may be leverage limitations that will be discussed PRIOR to you scaling up beyond that level. We will work with you as best we can to ensure the best trading conditions for that account size.