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We fund talented traders

Our program provides traders with earning potential from day one without risk to their own capital! That’s right, no challenges or verification period. Join our program and unlock your true trading potential!

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Zero Risk To Your Capital

No Challenges OR Profit Targets OR Verification Time Period

Bi-weekly Payouts

Growth – Increased Profit Share

Unlimited Earning Potential (No Limits)

Variety Of Accounts to Choose From ($10K, $20K, $50K & $100K)

Compounding Payouts

One Time Registration Fees & Monthly Subscription Option

20% Discount

One Time Fees

20% Discount Available


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At My Forex Funds, we believe in you! We believe that you, as a trader, can be successful using our risk management and consistency guidelines. My Forex Fund’s unique model provides earning potential from day one without the need to do any sort of interviews, nor complete long and complex challenges. We understand your time is valuable, hence we give you an opportunity to earn from day.

Join our program, our family, and unlock your true trading potential! 


What differentiates us from our competition

No Challenges & No verification

We believe trading is work and your time is worth what you make of it – that is why we do not put you through long, complex challenges or verification periods. You start trading and earning from day one!

Trade How and when you want

You are allowed to trade when you want and how you want. There is no restriction on time frame, trading techniques, risk management and lot sizes. As long as you are consistent (“not gambling”) you can trade whenever. You can also hold trades overnight and over the weekend!

Accured & enhanced pay out 

Your profits are accured throughout your pay cycles. Plus, your profit interest (aka your share) also increases with time.  This means more money in your pocket.

Rapid payout module

The profits you make belong in your account. We offer bi-weekly payouts throughout your time trading in our program with a variety of options. And did we mention, they are compounded over time as well!


“I was told that I am one of the first people to join My Forex Funds. I was a little skeptical and even a little scared when I signed up. However, I was surprised to see the high level of professionalism and fairness within MFF team. I can say that these guys are here to stay and grow! Ps. Got my first payout this past Friday and it was worth the wait!”

Soloman C

“Samantha approached me online and told me about My Forex Funds. At first, I was like “oh great, another get rich scheme”. But when she explained MFF”s module and told me that getting rich is a by product of trading and takes time, I knew this firm was different. Since then, whenever I want something or have a question, My Forex Funds’ team is there to help out”

Amber E

“I was part of couple of other prop firms before but what really stood out for me at My Forex Funds was the way they interacted with me. Their customer service (aka customer experience team) is awesome. They reply to my emails within hours, always provide me updates stats, and keep me honest when I make a mistake. Will def recommend!”

Bryan L


our capital.your expertise

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