Legal Notice: My Forex Funds does not operate as a Broker or as a Financial Instititute. My Forex Funds does not provide any investment advice nor investment oppurtunities. My Forex Funds recruit talented traders to work for the company using company's assets and capital.

our capital. your expertise

Learn, Plan & Execute

We fund talented traders

Our program provides experienced traders with a platform where they can earn while trading FOREX  without risking their own capital! 

Join our program and unlock your true trading potential!

mff program benefits

Free Learning Resources

Different Models to Choose from (Rapid and Evaluation)

Bi-weekly and Monthly Trader Performance Bonuses

Growth – Increased Bonus Percentage and Account Size

No Limit on Bonus

Variety Of Accounts to Choose From ($10K, $20K, $50K & $100K)
One Time Registration Fees & Monthly Subscription Option


six figure trading CLUB

unlock your true trading potential

At My Forex Funds, we believe in you! We believe that you, as a trader, can be successful using our risk management, consistency guidelines and best of all OUR FUNDS. 

My Forex Fund's different models provide a one stop shop for almost all traders that want to trade with a proprietary (prop) firm. 

Join our program, our family, and unlock your true trading potential! 

Note: We DO NOT accept investors or 3rd parties investment. We DO NOT give any advice on trading or investments. Qualified traders trade with company funds.

MFF trading MODEL

Choose the Model that suits you and your trading style the best

Earn from day one – Rapid Model

We believe trading is work and your time is worth what you make of it – that is why we do not put you through long, complex challenges or verification periods. You start trading and earning from day one!

live account – Direct Funded model

Traders will trade a live account from day one and take up to 60% of all profits made on bi-weekly basis. We also have a drawdown payout policy. Some restrictions may apply.

Coming Soon!

Trade a funded 300K Account – Evaluation Model

You are allowed to trade when you want and how you want in our evaluation model. There is no restriction on time frame, trading techniques, risk management and lot sizes. As long as you can pass our two phase evaluation phase – you will be earning up to 85% returns on all profit.


our capital.your expertise

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